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Commercial Catering

Manufacturers of catering equipment we work with:

We specialize in commercial catering. We provide complete commercial catering equipment like ovens, freezers, and dishwashers. We understand that commercial catering is serious business and what downtime means. That is why we undertake maintenance of the equipment 24X7.
From combi-ovens to glassware washers and thousands of in-betweens we will help you select the best and provide maintenance of the equipment so that you can run your unit seamlessly.
Our trusted brands are:Alto Shaam, Angelo Po, Ambach, Bakers Pride, Blodgett, Berkel, Bonnet, Bartlett, Blue Seal, Charvet, Chefquip, Classeq, Cleveland, Commenda, Convotherm, Crypto, Dawson, Dean, Dualit, Electrolux, Eloma, Fagor, Frankie, Falcon, Frymaster, Garland, Groen, Hobart, Houno, IMC, Instanta, Jackson, Lainox, Lincat, Maidaid, Mareno, MBM, Mieko, Moffat, Moorwood Vulcan, Nelson, Omega, Pitco Frialator, Rational, Rosinox, Rowlett, Sammic, Sissons, Stills, Stott Benham, Valentine, Winterhalter, Zanuss

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We have done numerous projects all over London and we do have some upcoming projects and we will be starting in from April.