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Why choose us for Commercial Catering

Because Commercial Catering is serious business and we know in’s and outs of it.

What are the items we look into?

We supply and maintain the hardware needed to run the show. The equipment you need to run a successful Commercial Catering starts from the refrigerator and ends in a heavy duty dishwasher and hundreds of items in-between.

The difference between a home appliance and commercial appliance is in downtime and the time required to make the equipment up and running. Since you are using gadgets and gadgets are mostly electro-mechanical equipment, it can fail. Nothing is fail-proof, the irrefutable second law of thermodynamics works silently, and disorder increases with time. Therefore, machines fail, and you need to get ready for the contingency.

Difference between home equipment and Commercial equipment

All commercial equipment are heavy-duty, and unlike home-equipment is handled by many. If the refrigerator at your home fails, you can salvage your provisions by relocating it with your neighbors; you have no such option if you are a commercial unit. You need a real-time solution. We step in exactly here. We serve our clients 24X7 and fully equipped to handle an emergency. We know the design and hardware of all Commercial refrigerators and in the case of breakdown can make it up and running within a short time. There may be a situation when the system needs a major overhaul like the replacement of the compressor and needs time. To counter such contingencies, we provide a standby machine to prevent spoiling of the provisions.

Same is the case for dishwashing machines. If your dishwasher fails at the wee hours, do not bother our skilled workers are at your disposal and will get the machine up in no time. We also provide back-ups to keep your commercial catering running.

That’s the difference between home equipment and commercial ones, where delay means a loss of revenue and customer.

The risk of handling Commercial Catering equipment

The risk of handling commercial Catering units is it needs handling of different makes different specifications and strict industry regulation. Therefore, one must have the requisite license from the competent authority to service Commercial Catering equipment, and we are licensed to do the job.

What are the other features of Commercial Catering?

Nowadays, innumerable customers take help of the Commercial Catering Services. Be it for their breakfast, or packed lunch or office parties. It needs strict quality control and hygiene to maintain the quality of the items served. Any slip in quality control is disastrous for a catering company and can land the company to high-value damage suits. Our expert personnel adhere to strict quality markups and ensure safety.

Besides, Commercial Catering means the handling of ovens and gas burners and may need regular quality check-ups, and that’s our forte. Our maintenance personnel is gas-safe registered and undergoes periodic training to keep abreast of security criteria and ensure our clients best service.

We design new units

If you are planning to set up a new Commercial Catering Unit, come to us. The best way to start with us is to share your site location. Give us a detailed plan of your proposed site with the full sitemap of your plumbing and electrical wiring.

Why submit details?

Commercial Catering is capital intensive. From the hiring of the space to the installation of equipment, you need fund. To optimize your investment, you need to plan every square inch of the available space and every penny of your fund. So, it’s better to plan your unit in a drawing board and allocate space for the man and machine to get the best result.

We will study the site map and will design the place in an interactive media and place the required hardware and prepare the dummy site. We will then make the necessary changes after getting your feedback. If you need, for example, three big refrigerators instead of two, then the workplace needs remodeling. Once you finalize the design, we will make your unit ready. Of Course, it will have all the gadgets you have selected.

We are the best in the industry.