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Why a professional plumber is important for your Plumbing solution

Plumbing is an emergency. You cannot leave the plumbing problem pending. Remember, plumbing is not a DIY job. Unless you are a god gifted plumber with a kit ready to take apart and re-assemble a broken Boeing, you need to remember the phone number of a 24X7 Emergency Plumber in London. In the case of a drain block, you need to initiate immediate action. The simple reason is that you are helpless like an infant, in case of a plumbing emergency. The infant could cry out for help, and hopefully, get her help, but you won’t.

How a Drain Block Can Devastate Your Dream Apartment

On a chilly night, one of my relatives was unfortunate to witness a cloud burst that uprooted giant trees and flooded the entire locality in no time. A giant log, long enough to make a small fishing boat blocked the main drain. The resultant back flash jammed the main outlet and consequently blocked her outlet line and flooded her dream apartment to a living hell. It was an emergency, and local authority tried their best to cope with the crisis. But unfortunately, it was not an easy job. The situation came under control after 48 hours of hard labor. Meanwhile, my relative’s apartment remains water-logged and turned it to hell. She tried desperately, to make her apartment stench-free, and took numerous expert opinions, and drained her bank balance in the process.

She never thought of calling an emergency plumber, or perhaps don’t have that service there. I feel lucky that I have access to a few emergency numbers to fall back.

Crisis during Boiler Breakdown

Plumbing is serious business, so is your heating system. If you face a boiler breakdown on a Christmas night, you will challenge Elliot’s conviction that ‘April is the cruelest month.’ Because that simple-looking boiler can spring unwanted surprises. You need a qualified plumber who knows boiler repair. The emergency numbers of your 24X7 Emergency Plumber is as good as your medic’s number and keeps it handy. You may feel proud about your IoT enabled gadgets installed in your apartment, but it is better not to forget the emergency helpline.

Pipe leakage is another emergency

Pipe leakage is another nasty problem. It can ruin your kitchen, bathroom, and your neighbor one floor down. Besides, a leaking pipe inside a concealed piping can interfere with your electrical wiring making it a death trap. You need a qualified plumber to pinpoint the leakage and take corrective action. Here are a few things you can do before hiring your apartment.

Try to get a detailed layout of your pipelines and electrical wirings from the owner. It will guide a professional plumber to understand the intricacies of your pipeline related complications. The service engineer with these two diagrams would be able to assess the gravity of the situation. Moreover, it will cut down the guesswork and downtime to a great extent.


There are a few things you need to keep in mind, medics and plumbing are emergencies. There is another similarity you can’t keep it pending, and delay can aggravate the problem to another level. The only difference is that plumbing not that complex, and you can avert a potential danger by keeping your system under annual maintenance. Contact a 24X7 Emergency Plumber and if possible sign a contract or AMC with the plumbing company to keep your home safe. A professional plumber will get acquainted with your system and alert you beforehand. But the Act of God can upset every laid down plans hands-down, therefore keep the number of your domestic plumber for a cloudburst eventuality.